Nimrod International Journal

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Nimrod International Journal welcomes submissions of poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction. We publish two issues annually. Our spring issue is thematic, with the theme announced the preceding fall. Previous themes have included Writers of Age; Range of Light: The Americas; Australia; Who We Are; Islands of the Sea and of the Mind; The Arabic Nations; Mexico/USA; and Crossing Borders. The fall issue features the winners and finalists of our annual Literary Awards. In most cases, both issues also contain work accepted as general submissions throughout the year. 

Each issue is approximately 200 pages, perfect bound with a four-color cover.
General Submissions:
Accepted from January 1st to November 30th each year. Nimrod is closed to general submissions in December. Turn-around time for general submissions is one to five months. Online general submissions have a $3 fee associated with them. 
Prose: Work must be previously unpublished. 7,500 words maximum. Double-spaced. We seek vigorous writing with characters that are well developed and dialogue that is realistic without being banal. 
Poetry: Work must be previously unpublished. 3-10 pages. One poem per page. Poetry is open to all styles and subjects. We seek poems that go beyond one word or image, honor the impulse to reveal a truth about, or persuasive version of, the inner and outer worlds. 
We recommend reading a sample issue before submitting a manuscript.

Thematic Submissions:
Each fall Nimrod announces a theme for the following spring issue. The guidelines for thematic submissions are the same as for general submissions, except that thematic submissions are sometimes accepted in December. (Very occasionally we may choose a theme from previously accepted manuscripts, and then will not announce one for that year.) Online thematic submissions have a $3 fee associated with them.

For the most up-to-date announcements on themes and other submission information, you can subscribe to our email newsletter or join us on Facebook or Twitter. 

Why is there a $3 fee for online general and thematic submissions?

Our $3 fee is not a reading fee, but a fee to cover the administrative costs associated with our online submission system. We believe that it is not higher than what you might spend on a paper submission, once you factor in paper, ink, mailing and return envelopes, and postage. If you do not wish to pay the $3, you may submit via postal mail, as we have no fees associated with postal general and thematic submissions. However, we also offer this alternative as a way to conveniently upload material directly from your computer, as well as to check the status of your submission online. 
Nimrod always pays with two contributors’ copies. Winners of the Nimrod Literary Awards receive $2,000 for first prize, $1,000 for second prize, and publication.
Nimrod Literary Awards:
Annual contest begins January 1 and ends April 30. 

Fiction: 7,500 words maximum (one short story or a self-contained excerpt from a novel)

Poetry: 3-10 pages. One long poem or several shorter poems. 
No previously published works or works accepted for publication elsewhere.  Author's name must not appear on the manuscript.  Include a cover sheet with title, author's name, full address, phone & email. 
Submitters must be living in the US by October of 2016 to enter the contest. 
All finalists will be considered for publication. In addition to publication and the prize money, winners will also be brought to Tulsa for the Awards Ceremony in October. 
$18.50 – one year (outside USA $20.50); $32 – two years (outside USA $36); institution rates: $30 – one year (outside USA $36). 
Sample Issues:
$11 each. 

For more information, visit our website or join us on Facebook or Twitter