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This is our tip jar. Like so many journals, Nimrod relies on donations to support the magazine: its production, its programs, its staff, and its outreach. If you support what we do—if you want us to continue to be able to print and promote the work of writers like you—please make a donation. Every dollar helps, and every dollar goes directly into our programs, which include not only producing the magazine but also offering opportunities and programs for writers to improve their craft. 

As a thank you to you for leaving us a tip, we'll enter your name into a drawing for a free manuscript critique by a member of our editorial staff. Manuscripts may consist of up to 5 pages of poetry or up to 6,000 words of fiction/creative nonfiction. You get one entry into the hat for every dollar you donate—and we'll pull a random name at the end of the month!

 If you are the winner, we'll contact you after the end of the month to notify you and arrange for receipt of your manuscript for critique. 

*Please note that material receiving a Tip Jar drawing critique may not be submitted to any Nimrod contests in any form.

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